About Us

Bible Believing, Bible Preaching and traditional worship.

Our Values:

  1. Worship: Being filled with the word of God through preaching, music, and prayer.
  2. Fellowship: Caring for each other through Bible study, prayer, small groups, meals, activities, and lay leadership.
  3. Mission: Sharing God’s love and our love with all of our neighbors through service, missions, food pantry, and neighborhood support.
  4. Denominational commitment: United in Christ through the Wesleyan theological traditions of Methodist, United Brethren, and Evangelical covenants.
  5. Salvation: We put our trust and faith in God’s saving grace for an eternity at His side.

Our Vision:

To be a welcoming family of believers who love, challenge, and equip God’s children to grow in faith.

  • Growing in God: Nurturing our relationship with God through worship, prayer, and music.  Growing in Christ through faith as individuals and as the body of Christ.
  • Growing in knowledge: Equipping all in the knowledge of the Bible, traditions, and skills for serving and loving the world.
  • Growing each other: Loving and caring for our neighbors as ourselves through fellowship, knowledge, and service.
  • Growing in service: Reaching out to the world in Christ’s name, demonstrating His love and our faith through service, outreach, leadership, and witness in our community and beyond.

Our Staff: